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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of Public Health Statistics & Performance Management

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Thank you public health employees, first responders, health care workers and all other heroes for your diligence and dedication during the COVID-19 crisis.

DOH-Monroe Debuts New HIV Prevention Website

DOH-Monroe Debuts New HIV Prevention Website
Testflkeys.org Logo

On April 12, 2021, the Florida Department of Health (Department) in Monroe County debuted its new website, TESTFLKEYS.ORG. This site provides HIV prevention information and HIV-related services. The HIV/AIDS Prevention Section of the Department in Monroe County collaborated with a website design consultant to create an attractive user-friendly site that provides detailed information on best practices to prevent HIV. The website is now available to all 75,000 residents of the Florida Keys, as well as visitors.

DOH-Volusia Administered COVID-19 Vaccinations Through Community Partnerships

DOH-Volusia Administered COVID-19 Vaccinations Through Community Partnerships
Ashlynd Padgett, Volusia County Firefighter/Paramedic
vaccinating at the Volusia County Fairgrounds

The Volusia County Fairgrounds in DeLand, Florida has been the mass vaccination site for COVID-19 vaccinations for the past five months. The Florida Department of Health has been the lead agency for overall operations with site support from Volusia County Emergency Management. To date, over 90,000 vaccinations have been administered with the help from over 250 different employees from 16 different agencies. Paramedics and EMTs under the direction of the county medical director vaccinated the public alongside public health nurses. This event resulted in successful partnerships working together toward a common goal to serve the citizens of Volusia County.

DOH-Indian River Planting Healthy Habits in Indian River County

DOH-Indian River Planting Healthy Habits in Indian River County
Kimberly Wright (Assistant Director of Dasie Hope Center)
and her daughter, Kamara Wright, standing in front
of the Dasie Hope Garden.

DOH-Indian River and the Dasie Hope Center are working together to improve food accessibly and eating habits among families in the Wabasso community. Despite COVID-19 challenges, a garden was established at Dasie Hope where herbs, collard greens and other produce flourish in small raised beds. In February, Dasie Hope hosted the first “Garden Day,” a hands-on garden and nutrition workshop in partnership with the DOH-Indian River Supplemented Nutrition Education Program (SNAP-Ed). Chelsea Seaver, Health Educator, taught participants how to plant their own edible garden. Families joyfully left with pots and seeds they had planted during the workshop. Together, Dasie Hope and DOH-Indian River are planting healthy habits in Wabasso by connecting families to nutritious food through their gardening program.

DOH-Bay Provides Miles of Smiles

DOH-Bay Provides Miles of Smiles
DOH-Bay Mobile Dental Unit

Now more than ever, the work being done on the DOH-Bay Mobile Dental Unit is critical to the overall health of the children in Bay County. Oral health is part of the body's overall health, and during the pandemic there have been drastic changes in eating and exercising habits. Many individuals have avoided visits to the dentist because of COVID-19 concerns. The DOH-Bay dental hygienists bring oral hygiene instruction and education to underserved children, addressing the importance of proper oral health in a safe environment. Over 100 children have been seen and offered fluoride treatments and sealants to strengthen their teeth and prevent oral cavities thanks to this program.

Focus On

The Opioid Epidemic in Florida Florida faces the ongoing opioid epidemic while dealing with the new challenge of COVID-19 infections.

What's New

  • CHARTS has a new State Health Profile which showcases Florida’s status compared to the US with regards to social and economic factors and much more!
  • The opioid use dashboard has been updated to include Q1-2020 data for the Naloxone Administration.
  • Birth defects data has been updated to reflect the five-year period of 2013-2017.
  • The Aging in Florida profile has been slightly re-designed to a more user-friendly interface.

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  • You can get data about HIV/AIDS cases by mode of transmission in the HIV/AIDS data viewers.
  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data can be filtered for men and women using the “Select Dimension” option.
  • Use the “Change Groupings” feature in FLHealthCHARTS.com viewer windows to compare health statistics for men and women.
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